Monday, July 16, 2012

Tweaks to 2.0 [Free Bids!]We’re about three weeks removed from...

Tweaks to 2.0 [Free Bids!]

We’re about three weeks removed from the biggest set of changes on QuiBids since the implementation of QuiBids Games, and we’ve taken the time since then to fine-tune some of the site functionalities that got knocked out of whack. Among the issues we’ve resolved are:

-Information missing or coming up as “N/A” when you select a users’ bidding history.

-Items disappearing off a Watchlist when the auction closes.

-Bugs with the QBar Watchlist.

-An inability to use the Bid-O-Matic and view an auction’s Bidding History simultaneously.

-The login disappearing when users don’t type their information in quickly enough.

-QBar visibility strained by Google Chrome pop-ups.

-Gameplay functionality bugs.

We’re so appreciative of our customers taking the time to report issues with the redesign, as those help to reveal which features people depend on when they shop with QuiBids. Because our employees (and employees’ immediate family members and/or roommates) aren’t allowed to use the site (in an effort ensure the validity of our auctions) we’re dependent on you guys’ feedback when it comes to developing and fine-tuning QuiBids’ features and functions. It’s not like we can just sign up and start bidding on computer speakers or Bid Vouchers or golf clubs ourselves: We have to do our best to imagine our customers’ perspective, and your feedback is always super-helpful for us to do that!

So: We’d like to pick your brains again, now that we’ve smoothed out some of these issues and gotten the site into full working order. Leave a comment in the DISQUS section below (not a Facebook comment) detailing your thoughts/feelings about the redesigned site now that we’ve fine-tuned most of the major issues, and we’ll give ten Voucher Bids to one lucky commenter! Easy as that.

So drop us a line down there and we’ll announce the winner on Friday, via a comment on the thread. Commenting multiple times won’t increase your chances of winning, but we’d certainly appreciate the feedback!

Happy bidding!

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