Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Spotlight: Krups XP1020 Espresso MachineWho’s looking...

Product Spotlight: Krups XP1020 Espresso Machine

Who’s looking for a slam dunk?

This Krups XP1020 Espresso Machine retails for $43.99 but we might as well mark that down to a fraction due to the low prices QuiBids customers have consistently snagged it for. We’re very pro-coffee here at QuiBids, so it brightens up our day to know you guys are caffeinating yourselves with our products on the cheap! Because of course, we all know that work is hard and coffee sure makes it a heck of a lot easier.

And what’s even better than coffee when it comes to utter and complete caffeination? Espresso! (Not “expresso,” as the person ahead of you in line at your nearby coffeshop always seems to say.) This Krups espresso maker isn’t the bulky behemoth you see behind the counter at the local Starbucks — at eleven inches tall, it fits most anywhere in your kitchen to froth milk and brew as many as four cups of espresso at once!

Let’s take a look at the last nine auctions for this particular espresso machine and build a strategy for you to claim one as your very own! Turns out it’s not too hard at all! So looking at the statistics below, a few things immediately jump out at us.

Only one auction for the Krups Espresso Machine exceeded $0.60 in end price. Even for items that fall on the low end of the retail chain, this is pretty unique. This observation makes it clear that this particular item isn’t in high demand (in comparison to, say, a comparably-priced item like a $50 gift card to Kohl’s), so you should be able to scoop it up without parting with too many bids.

Even when bidding heated up, the worst anybody paid was $15. And that’s still 65% savings right there. Even with the $14.99 shipping, user bidtobuy2010 gets his or her prize at a discount. No reason to discourage bidding!

Play your cards right and you could walk away from this auction with an espresso machine and even more bids than you started with. Customers who won auctions for the Krups Espresso Machine that included either 20 Voucher Bids or a Gameplay spent one, 25, and seven bids each. Trust me, those customers who won the auctions with Gameplays are going to wind up with more bids than they started out with when they head over to QuiBids Games for a round of Color Capture or Big Game Fishing!

My recommendation: Use your Voucher Bids and go after one of the upcoming Krups Espresso Machine auctions that include a Gameplay! This is the perfect auction to apply our low-stakes, low-reward strategy of scattering Voucher Bids. If you don’t win it with just three or four Voucher Bids then don’t worry — either keep on bidding or try again tomorrow when the next +Gameplay or +Voucher Bids auction comes up and you’re more than likely to earn those lost bids back!


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