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It’s hard to hide the excitement after scoring a QuiBids...

It’s hard to hide the excitement after scoring a QuiBids Win. Here are some QuiBidders showing off their winning faces. Show us your #winningface by tagging your Instagram photo or tweet with #winningface and we’ll select our favorite to feature in an upcoming #QuiBids blog post. / on Instagram

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What are QuiBids Speed Auctions?Here at QuiBids, we’re always...

What are QuiBids Speed Auctions?

Here at QuiBids, we’re always adding new site features/functionalities and improving old ones, the tweaks to our summer site redesign being the most recent example of this practice.

We always let you know whenever we’ve implemented something new on the site —you wouldn’t want to play a game where the rules change in the middle of your turn, would you?— because we want our customers to be the most-informed shoppers on the web. But also just because we think it’s way more fun to play a game when you know all the rules.

That all said, a new feature we recently implemented is the Speed Auction, which is currently active on the site and ready for you to check out! But what is it, exactly?

A Speed Auction is a QuiBids auction where the timer doesn’t reset upon a bid until the timer reaches its final ten seconds. Speed Auctions don’t reset to twenty seconds, even when it’s early on in the auction. True, QuiBids auctions do often reset to fifteen or ten seconds upon a fresh bid eventually, but with Speed Auctions a bid will reset the timer to ten seconds the entire way through.

True to its name, the Speed Auction will save you time on QuiBids by weeding out the casual bidders (who aren’t super-interested in auctions but still cast a bid or two here and there, driving the clock back up to 20 seconds each time) and speeding up customers’ decision making.

Click here to check out all current live Speed Auctions!

We’ve set it up so that you can Filter By (check out your sorting options here) Speed Auctions now, which means you can either limit the parameters of your search for products to Speed Auctions, or just as conveniently exclude them from your search altogether. See the screenshot below.

We’ve also created a nifty little icon to designate Speed Auctions from traditional ones. Anytime you see that orange alarm clock, you’ll know you’re in a faster-paced auction. And in case you were wondering, you can see the icon on the general auction view on the home page, simply by hovering your cursor over the blue title of the product. It’s the same way you check to see if the auction is a Hybrid Auction, if you can or can’t use the Bid-O-Matic, and even add the auction to your Watchlist.

So what do you think about Speed Auctions? We hope they’ll cut down on the amount of time you spend bidding on auctions — let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

QuiBids shipping: What you need to know!When you shop online,...

QuiBids shipping: What you need to know!

When you shop online, how much does a company’s shipping policies and prices factor into your decision making?

At QuiBids we aren’t without shipping costs, though we’ve worked hard since our site’s fall 2009 launch to push them down as low as possible. Contrary to what it may seem, our shipping costs are carefully calculated by averaging our cost to ship a certain product over the last week. We then round that amount off to an even dollar, so as to be less confusing for our customers, and that’s why you may see that shipping costs vary from time to time.

One way to ensure that you always know the cost of shipping on an item you’re interested in is to check the bottom of its auction page, because that’s where we always list how much it’ll cost to get the item to you.

At QuiBids, we drop ship our items — there isn’t some QuiBids warehouse in the Midwest sending deliveries to people out in blue and orange trucks. Because we drop ship, delivery can take a little longer than usual, so we recommend that you count on allowing seven-14 business days to receive what you won, though we hear about people receiving stuff —particularly gift cards, which are smaller and easier to send out— in just two or three days sometimes.

Here are a couple quick facts about QuiBids shipping and delivery. For more information, we recommend you check out our Help section about Shipping & Returns!

1. Most items purchased on QuiBids may be returned anytime within 30 days for a refund of the transaction price of the merchandise returned, but not the bids used in the auction. To be sure, we recommend you check the bottom of the item’s auction page for the precise return policy.

2. We say most, because we won’t issue returns on the following items:

-Gift cards

-Apple iPads

-Consumables, including but not limited to recordable media, film, digital memory, tapes, batteries, paper, and ink

-Intangible goods such as bid vouchers, Limit Busters, etc.

-BBQ grills


-Wall-mounting brackets (after the manufacturer’s box has been opened)

-Any additional item as reflected in the auction page

3. You can view the shipping status of the item you purchased on QuiBids. Just go to My QuiBids and click on Order History to check on anything you’ve bought.

4. If you find a QuiBids item to be defective in some way, then notify us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll allow you to exchange it or return it for a refund.

As always, please contact Customer Support if you have any questions

And last but not least, reply to the tweet embedded below to tell us the fastest you’ve ever received a product you won on QuiBids, and we’ll pick one winner to give 15 Voucher Bids! Be sure to include the following three things:

-What you won.

-How quickly you received it.

-The hashtag #quibidsshipping.

#bbpBox_227773145602486273 a { text-decoration:none; color:#0A97E9; }#bbpBox_227773145602486273 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }

What’s the quickest you’ve ever received a QuiBids product?


Happy bidding!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Grills gone wild #QuiBids / on Instagram...

Grills gone wild #QuiBids / on Instagram

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6 new QuiBids products to watch forJust like any good retailer,...

6 new QuiBids products to watch for

Just like any good retailer, we here at QuiBids are always on the lookout for the next great product that our customers will love! Our merchandising department’s always looking to keep our many product categories (Electronics, Gift Cards, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Fashion, and Sports & Recreation) stocked with the latest stuff for your home, office, person, garage, and garden.

And like any good blogger, it’s my job to keep you updated on what’s new to the site! Here are six new products you can bid on at QuiBids, as well as when each product’s next auction will hit that definitive 20-second mark! Let’s get after it!

Ronix Vault Wakeboard w/ Divide Boots

This board’s not for newbies! Built for intermediate to advanced wakeboarders, the Ronix Vault’s got a wider profile, which means a bigger sweet spot for you to tear up any kind of water. And the boots that come with it are built for comfort, with a universal tongue, built-in J-bars and a Stage 1 liner. It’s the perfect setup for those of you who are regular lake-trippers.

Next auction starts: TODAY, 6:28 p.m. CST

Tiered Circle Fashion Earrings

Do you look good in gold? How about 18k Yellow Gold fashioned into looped earrings?

Next auction starts: TODAY, 10:54 p.m. CST

Callaway UPro MX+ Golf GPS Device

Looking to combine your enthusiasms for golf and technology? The UPro GPS is the latest way to do it — allowing you to pan view an entire hole with a single swipe of your finger! And the best part? No annual fees or subscriptions are necessary — Unlimited ProMode course downloads are always there for you!

Next auction starts: TODAY, 5:54 p.m. CST

Modern Mesh Cuff Bracelet

Look how fine the mesh is on that bracelet! Grab one as a gift before they sell out!

Next auction starts: TODAY, 8:53 p.m.

Pelican Rugged 1400 Case

Looking for a watertight, crush- and dustproof way of taking care of business out in the elements? The Pelican Rugged Case is your next big camping tool! Perfect for float trips, cave expeditions, and even just a weekend in the wild.

Next auctions start: TODAY, 12:59 a.m. CST, 6:57 p.m. CST, 9:28 p.m. CST, and 10:59 p.m. CST

Delicate Twist Bracelet

We’re not sure what white gold rhodium bond or an electroplating process is, but it sure sounds fancy!

Next auctions start: TODAY, 1:06 p.m. CST

As always, happy bidding!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

7 ways people enjoy their QuiBids wins Bar none, QuiBids is the...

7 ways people enjoy their QuiBids wins

Bar none, QuiBids is the best bidding site on the web!

It’s not just because we’re the biggest (with millions of customers), or because we’ve got the largest selection of products (we ship prizes to thousands of winners each day) — it’s because our customers keep returning to our site for big wins! Their feedback and suggestions have helped us build QuiBids into the best bidding site around.

But we want more than just recommendations from customers on how to improve our site — we want to know what they’re doing with their QuiBids wins! We’ve heard so many great stories about the things people have been able to buy, build, and do with all the brand-new products on QuiBids, but we want to actually see them now, in video form. So check out the What Do You Do with Your QuiBids Wins video contest we’re hosting in partnership with PennyBurners! Winner gets a new iPad and a $100 gift card of their choice, and all you have to do is send us a no-more-than-60 seconds video to the app on our Facebook page. Check out the guideline video PennyBurners put together below!

To get your creative juices going, here are a couple of ways people have made good use of their big QuiBids wins!

1. Host a weekly family meal with restaurant gift cards!

2. Dust off your old record collection!

3. Hit the golf course!

4. Build your own in-home fish tank!

5. Save up on gas cards so you can make it out to your family reunion!

6. Pay for your honeymoon with travel gift cards!

7. And, lastly, entertain your adorable children!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tell us and you could win the New iPad and a $100 gift card! ...

Tell us and you could win the New iPad and a $100 gift card! Check Facebook for more info. / on Instagram

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

QuiBids Australia: What you need to know!Good morning,...

QuiBids Australia: What you need to know!

Good morning, QuiBidders!

[Assuming you’re in the western hemisphere and reading this post when it was published, at 4:33 p.m. Central Standard Time.]

While the bulk of our customer base is spread out across the U.S. (where QuiBids is headquartered) and Canada, and probably reading this post as they’re getting ready to head home for the day, a whole other market is drinking their morning coffee, perhaps checking to see if they can score a great deal on out site. They’re down under in the beautiful, broad continent of Australia, probably feeling awesome about the fact that super-adorable koalas are native to there.

Because QuiBids operates in multiple countries and the fairly recent introduction of the short-lived Global Auctions, we often field questions specific to our various markets. As a result we thought it might be helpful to spell out some of the facts about QuiBids Australia and how new customers there can get started bidding and winning!

First: Australia auctions are not open to Canada or U.S. customers.

With the exception of Global Auctions —which are not currently operating on our site— all QuiBids auctions are separated by country. Australian customers only bid against Australian customers, just as Canadian customers only bid against Canadian customers. It operates the same way in the U.S. As such, not all items are available across all of our markets. So if you see an item on the blog or advertised somewhere online but can’t find it on the website, it could be because it’s simply not available in your market.

We’re always working to build more and more relationships with vendors to cast a wider net with our products, but some items are simply impossible to move in a way that makes for a sustainable business.

Second: Shipping doesn’t cost more because you’re outside the U.S.

Our relationships with vendors (the people who ship our products) extend across the globe, which means we don’t have to ship all our items from Oklahoma City, where our office is headquartered. Instead, we can tell our vendors (who are in Brisbane, Sydney, Montreal, or Denver, or wherever!) where to ship items for us, which cuts down on our shipping costs, which directly saves you money, too!

Third: Aussie Aussie Aussies! Here’s how you get started with QuiBids!

We launched in Australia way back in September 2011 (September 14, 2011, to be exact) but we’ve been picking up new customers especially frequently lately. For those of you who are still trying to figure out exactly how it works, here are a handful of online resources you may want to bookmark as you begin to learn how QuiBids works!

QuiBids 101

We specifically built QuiBids 101 with starters in mind, so head here to check out exactly how our auction model works, how to avoid the most common beginner’s mistakes, and even how to use particularly important site features, like the Bid-O-Matic and the QBar!

QuiBids Help
In addition to hosting its own separate search feature, the QuiBids Help section’s got a ton of FAQs that explain everything from the Buy Now to how to customize your email preferences. It’s for newbies and old hands alike!

QuiBids Customer Support

We employ a large team of customer support representatives and managers to help you understand and use QuiBids in a way that’s convenient and fun for you! Hit them up via phone, email, or even live chat!

QuiBids Social

Lastly, there are a ton of ways to enrich your QuiBids experience with social media. This blog post explains it pretty well, but put short you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for daily free bid giveaways, promotions, discussions of strategy and site feature information, too!

Happy bidding, Aussies!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tweaks to 2.0 [Free Bids!]We’re about three weeks removed from...

Tweaks to 2.0 [Free Bids!]

We’re about three weeks removed from the biggest set of changes on QuiBids since the implementation of QuiBids Games, and we’ve taken the time since then to fine-tune some of the site functionalities that got knocked out of whack. Among the issues we’ve resolved are:

-Information missing or coming up as “N/A” when you select a users’ bidding history.

-Items disappearing off a Watchlist when the auction closes.

-Bugs with the QBar Watchlist.

-An inability to use the Bid-O-Matic and view an auction’s Bidding History simultaneously.

-The login disappearing when users don’t type their information in quickly enough.

-QBar visibility strained by Google Chrome pop-ups.

-Gameplay functionality bugs.

We’re so appreciative of our customers taking the time to report issues with the redesign, as those help to reveal which features people depend on when they shop with QuiBids. Because our employees (and employees’ immediate family members and/or roommates) aren’t allowed to use the site (in an effort ensure the validity of our auctions) we’re dependent on you guys’ feedback when it comes to developing and fine-tuning QuiBids’ features and functions. It’s not like we can just sign up and start bidding on computer speakers or Bid Vouchers or golf clubs ourselves: We have to do our best to imagine our customers’ perspective, and your feedback is always super-helpful for us to do that!

So: We’d like to pick your brains again, now that we’ve smoothed out some of these issues and gotten the site into full working order. Leave a comment in the DISQUS section below (not a Facebook comment) detailing your thoughts/feelings about the redesigned site now that we’ve fine-tuned most of the major issues, and we’ll give ten Voucher Bids to one lucky commenter! Easy as that.

So drop us a line down there and we’ll announce the winner on Friday, via a comment on the thread. Commenting multiple times won’t increase your chances of winning, but we’d certainly appreciate the feedback!

Happy bidding!

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Friday, July 13, 2012

QuiBids auctions: Tired of the “window” look?

We’ve received a ton of feedback from customers about the recent QuiBids redesign, and we really appreciate all your suggestions! It’s the site you use after all, so we want to build QuiBids into something useful and easily functional for all of our users!

Achieving that lofty goal means offering options. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the variety and scope of the observations and criticisms we’ve received, it’s that it’s impossible to please all of our customers with a stoic, static site. So by handing you the reigns of customization, you can all tailor QuiBids to look and function way that’s best for you!

We just built in one of these new options, and you may not have even noticed it! Previously, QuiBids auctions only lined up in a “window” style, but now you can toggle between a window view and list view at your leisure. Here’s the toggle:

So now choosing between the classic window view

and the new list view

is as easy as the click of your mouse. It’s never been simpler to customize how you see QuiBids! Head over to My QuiBids and you can make other important changes to your profile, such as the notifications and newsletters you receive, as well as what information other QuiBidders can see when you’re bidding in auctions.

We’ve got more about customers’ reactions to the QuiBids redesign coming up next week, so stay tuned to the QuiBids blog for the latest information!

from Quibids Review Blog

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

QuiBids named Best in Class by Interactive Media AwardsWhile we...

QuiBids named Best in Class by Interactive Media Awards

While we started in 2009 as a humble auction site serving only a handful of customers a day, we’re very proud to have built QuiBids into an award-winning online service, one that thousands of people all over the world utilize for their shopping needs every single day.

It’s very humbling for us to receive awards because they take us back to the early goings, when QuiBids was just a handful of employees working around the clock to build a company infrastructure while also hosting auctions and ensuring the delivery of customers’ won products. Luckily our QuiBids forebears built a pretty darn good infrastructure, developed solid site functionalities (like the Buy Now!) and smoothed out a good-looking interface (that recently got a major facelift!).

All that hard work got publicly rewarded last week by the Interactive Media Council, whose annual Interactive Media Awards have recognized excellence in web design and development since their inauguration in 2007. QuiBids scored a 481 out of 500 on their criteria (which judges a website’s design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility), qualifying us as Best in Class in the E-Commerce category! Think of that as scoring a 96% on a test back when you were in school! Obviously, we’re stoked — and feel super-honored!

The Interactive Media Council aren’t alone in honoring QuiBids lately. okcBIZ magazine recently named us the third-best small company to work for in Oklahoma (after naming us fourth-best in the same category last year!). The American Business Awards (AKA The Stevies) announced that we’re a finalist for Fast-Growing Tech Company, and we also recently claimed the title of one of Oklahoma’s Innovators of the Year from the Oklahoma City Journal-Record newspaper.

As you can tell, it’s been a great season for QuiBids! We want to take the opportunities we receive to thank our loyal customer base —you guys!— for returning to QuiBids for your shopping needs. We promise to continue to provide the most entertaining and engaging shopping experience on the web!

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QuiBids named Best in Class by Interactive Media AwardsOklahoma...

QuiBids named Best in Class by Interactive Media Awards

Oklahoma City, OK — July 11, 2012 —, the world’s leading entertainment retail auction, was recently recognized by the Interactive Media Awards with a Best in Class Award for demonstrating excellence in web design and development in the E-Commerce category. The Best in Class distinction is the IMA’s highest honor.

“Our design and development teams are delighted,” said Jill Farrand, QuiBids’ director of public relations. “To be honored for all the hard work that they do on our online storefront is a real thrill for all of us here at QuiBids, and them in particular.”

The Interactive Media Awards were founded in 2006 by the Interactive Media Council, a nonprofit organization of top web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers, and other web-related professionals, in order to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet. QuiBids scored a 481 out of 500 on the IMA’s criteria, which judges any given website’s design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance and cross-browser compatibility.

QuiBids recently underwent a full-site redesign that improved many of the site’s design aspects and functionalities. “We feel like it’s only up from here,” Farrand said.

Of the 182 entries in this year’s E-Commerce category so far, only QuiBids and Vusion Glasses have been designated as Best in Class.

About QuiBids:

QuiBids launched in October of 2009 and has expanded with their improved internet auction model. QuiBids live auctions are more exciting, reliable and safer than other online auction websites. QuiBids is not a scam and is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

Get Social with QuiBids:

QuiBids on Facebook

QuiBids on AboutMe

QuiBids LinkedIn

QuiBids YouTube

QuiBids Twitter

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Have you heard about QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and...

Have you heard about QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and Managers?

How often do you check the QuiBids company blog? If you don’t then you’re missing out on a lot of really helpful information and fun recurring features!

One of the latter is our monthly installment of QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and Managers, where we get to have a chat with some of our company’s most dedicated, hardworking assets! Working here at QuiBids can be really challenging because there’s always so much going on — but with weekly visits from masseuses, a local coffee service, and a couple of ping pong tables, we make sure that our employees love coming to work every day! We’re proud to say that our fun culture’s been recognized all over the state, and that QuiBids has now twice been honored as one of Oklahoma’s Best Places to Work!

Above and Beyond Employees and Managers are internally-hosted awards programs that do more than just incentivize QuiBids’ employees to be on their A-game: they’re great opportunities for our dedicated customer base to peek behind the QuiBids scenes and get to know the folks in Customer Support who answer the phones and live chat, the merchandising team that ensures the best possible range of products to shop for, and even some of the developers and designers who put together our recent site redesign and QuiBids Games!

Buddy Archer is the Above and Beyond Employee for the month of June, so why don’t you take a minute and get to know him? (That’s him up there, lookin’ all handsome in front of the QuiBids logo.)

You can also read about our previous Above and Beyond Employees and Managers!
Mike Domingos

Anthony Brown

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Above and Beyond Employees: Buddy ArcherThere are thirteen...

Above and Beyond Employees: Buddy Archer

There are thirteen different departments that comprise the entirety of QuiBids’ operation, but some of them employ a bunch more than others. One such department is Customer Support, which has about 30 people working around the clock to make sure that your QuiBids shopping experience is as fun and efficient as possible!

One of them is account management specialist Buddy Archer. Buddy’s been here for nearly two years, working to help you understand how our auction model works, so you can get the most out of your QuiBids shopping experience! He’s this month’s Above and Beyond Employee, so let’s take a minute to get to know him with ten quick questions about fireworks, George Michael, and Chuck Norris.

1. How did you get your job here at QuiBids?

I had a few friends that worked here and I sent in my résumé. After a few tough questions from Josh Walker (Customer Support’s head honcho) I had myself a job!

2. Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

Mario Lemieux

3. What was the last product/service you spent more than $100 on?
Fireworks. Had to celebrate the Fourth of July in a big way.

4. If you couldn’t work for QuiBids, what would your dream job be?

Owning my own line of camouflage.

5. What’s your favorite restaurant to cater a QuiBids Fun Friday?


6. Fill in the blank: My boss comes in at 10 a.m. and unexpectedly gives me the rest of the day off. I go to the golf course and play 18 holes.

7. Favorite online distraction at work?

8. Who plays Buddy Archer in the movie about your life?
Chuck Norris

9. Favorite song, right now?
George Michael — “Careless Whisper”

Editor’s note: If you enjoyed listening to “Careless Whisper,” then you should definitely consider yourself encouraged to watch “Sexy Sax Man Careless Whisper Prank feat. Sergio Flores directors cut” on YouTube.

10. We shift offices around here at QuiBids fairly regularly, especially since we’ve expanded a lot in the last two years. How many different office rooms have you called home and about how many people would you estimate you’ve shared with?

Hahaha gosh lets see here. I’ve worked in four different offices and would say I’ve probably shared an office at one point with about 20 different people. Maybe even 25.

Read about our previous Above and Beyond Employees and Managers!

Mike Domingos

Anthony Brown

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Product Spotlight: Krups XP1020 Espresso MachineWho’s looking...

Product Spotlight: Krups XP1020 Espresso Machine

Who’s looking for a slam dunk?

This Krups XP1020 Espresso Machine retails for $43.99 but we might as well mark that down to a fraction due to the low prices QuiBids customers have consistently snagged it for. We’re very pro-coffee here at QuiBids, so it brightens up our day to know you guys are caffeinating yourselves with our products on the cheap! Because of course, we all know that work is hard and coffee sure makes it a heck of a lot easier.

And what’s even better than coffee when it comes to utter and complete caffeination? Espresso! (Not “expresso,” as the person ahead of you in line at your nearby coffeshop always seems to say.) This Krups espresso maker isn’t the bulky behemoth you see behind the counter at the local Starbucks — at eleven inches tall, it fits most anywhere in your kitchen to froth milk and brew as many as four cups of espresso at once!

Let’s take a look at the last nine auctions for this particular espresso machine and build a strategy for you to claim one as your very own! Turns out it’s not too hard at all! So looking at the statistics below, a few things immediately jump out at us.

Only one auction for the Krups Espresso Machine exceeded $0.60 in end price. Even for items that fall on the low end of the retail chain, this is pretty unique. This observation makes it clear that this particular item isn’t in high demand (in comparison to, say, a comparably-priced item like a $50 gift card to Kohl’s), so you should be able to scoop it up without parting with too many bids.

Even when bidding heated up, the worst anybody paid was $15. And that’s still 65% savings right there. Even with the $14.99 shipping, user bidtobuy2010 gets his or her prize at a discount. No reason to discourage bidding!

Play your cards right and you could walk away from this auction with an espresso machine and even more bids than you started with. Customers who won auctions for the Krups Espresso Machine that included either 20 Voucher Bids or a Gameplay spent one, 25, and seven bids each. Trust me, those customers who won the auctions with Gameplays are going to wind up with more bids than they started out with when they head over to QuiBids Games for a round of Color Capture or Big Game Fishing!

My recommendation: Use your Voucher Bids and go after one of the upcoming Krups Espresso Machine auctions that include a Gameplay! This is the perfect auction to apply our low-stakes, low-reward strategy of scattering Voucher Bids. If you don’t win it with just three or four Voucher Bids then don’t worry — either keep on bidding or try again tomorrow when the next +Gameplay or +Voucher Bids auction comes up and you’re more than likely to earn those lost bids back!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

QuiBids was named 3rd best small business to work for in...

QuiBids was named 3rd best small business to work for in Oklahoma! #QuiBids #awesomejobs / on Instagram

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Fun Friday: We’re Oklahoma’s third-best small company to work...

Fun Friday: We’re Oklahoma’s third-best small company to work for!

Woot woot!

About a month ago we told you that QuiBids made the shortlist for one of Oklahoma’s Best Places to work! Well, we’re excited to announce that we took third place in the small company category at last night’s banquet, hosted by okcBIZ magazine! It’s a little step forward from last year’s third-place finish, but we couldn’t be more excited to be honored by our peers in the Oklahoma City business world.

Thanks again to okcBIZ for hosting the annual Best Places to Work competition! Be sure to pick up a copy of their July issue to read their profile on us! If you’re not in OKC, you can read it over at their website!

But most importantly thank you customers for helping us build QuiBids into one of the state’s top businesses! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Happy bidding!

#bbpBox_218496255519764480 a { text-decoration:none; color:#0084B4; }#bbpBox_218496255519764480 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }

@ at the Best Places to Work in OK banquet! Good luck!

Jill Farrand

#bbpBox_218519535643398145 a { text-decoration:none; color:#0084B4; }#bbpBox_218519535643398145 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have you tried sorting auctions by popularity? #QuiBids...

Have you tried sorting auctions by popularity? #QuiBids #newfeatures #improvedsearch #siteredesign / on Instagram

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Have you tried out the new #QuiBids redesign yet? / on Instagram...

Have you tried out the new #QuiBids redesign yet? / on Instagram

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

We’re ready for game 5 tonight! #FearTheBeard @Jharden13...

We’re ready for game 5 tonight! #FearTheBeard @Jharden13 @okcthunder @thunderobsessed / on Instagram

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Would these filters be helpful when browsing auctions on...

Would these filters be helpful when browsing auctions on #QuiBids? / on Instagram

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