Friday, July 13, 2012

QuiBids auctions: Tired of the “window” look?

We’ve received a ton of feedback from customers about the recent QuiBids redesign, and we really appreciate all your suggestions! It’s the site you use after all, so we want to build QuiBids into something useful and easily functional for all of our users!

Achieving that lofty goal means offering options. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the variety and scope of the observations and criticisms we’ve received, it’s that it’s impossible to please all of our customers with a stoic, static site. So by handing you the reigns of customization, you can all tailor QuiBids to look and function way that’s best for you!

We just built in one of these new options, and you may not have even noticed it! Previously, QuiBids auctions only lined up in a “window” style, but now you can toggle between a window view and list view at your leisure. Here’s the toggle:

So now choosing between the classic window view

and the new list view

is as easy as the click of your mouse. It’s never been simpler to customize how you see QuiBids! Head over to My QuiBids and you can make other important changes to your profile, such as the notifications and newsletters you receive, as well as what information other QuiBidders can see when you’re bidding in auctions.

We’ve got more about customers’ reactions to the QuiBids redesign coming up next week, so stay tuned to the QuiBids blog for the latest information!

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