Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have you heard about QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and...

Have you heard about QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and Managers?

How often do you check the QuiBids company blog? If you don’t then you’re missing out on a lot of really helpful information and fun recurring features!

One of the latter is our monthly installment of QuiBids’ Above and Beyond Employees and Managers, where we get to have a chat with some of our company’s most dedicated, hardworking assets! Working here at QuiBids can be really challenging because there’s always so much going on — but with weekly visits from masseuses, a local coffee service, and a couple of ping pong tables, we make sure that our employees love coming to work every day! We’re proud to say that our fun culture’s been recognized all over the state, and that QuiBids has now twice been honored as one of Oklahoma’s Best Places to Work!

Above and Beyond Employees and Managers are internally-hosted awards programs that do more than just incentivize QuiBids’ employees to be on their A-game: they’re great opportunities for our dedicated customer base to peek behind the QuiBids scenes and get to know the folks in Customer Support who answer the phones and live chat, the merchandising team that ensures the best possible range of products to shop for, and even some of the developers and designers who put together our recent site redesign and QuiBids Games!

Buddy Archer is the Above and Beyond Employee for the month of June, so why don’t you take a minute and get to know him? (That’s him up there, lookin’ all handsome in front of the QuiBids logo.)

You can also read about our previous Above and Beyond Employees and Managers!
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