Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why People Shop QuiBids During The Holidays

QuiBids.com sets the standard for online entertainment auction sites, where people who like to enjoy themselves while shopping can do so in a fun and interesting environment. And if they happen to win an insanely cool product on their Christmas list for a super low price? Icing on the cake!  That is the incredible appeal of QuiBids that is bringing all types of folks to shop with us for the holiday season.

At QuiBids we love the spirit of gift-giving! To celebrate the festive season we are counting down 25 Days of QuiBids on our QuiBids Facebook page. Check us out there to participate in the daily prize drawing and connect with other QuiBids users.

Holiday shopping can be a stress. On top of all our other commitments and things to do, shopping in the stores this time a year means fighting against huge crowds. Many times, the pickings are bare. But with QuiBids, users can stop dreading holiday shopping and embrace it! It’s never been more convenient or as rewarding now that everyone can explore QuiBids from the comfort of their homes and on their own schedule. Browse at your own pace, instead of waiting in long, boring lines, learn the ins and outs of entertaining online auctions. We promise they are much more enjoyable than mall crowds.

People love using online entertainment auction sites because they are a great way to keep the holiday season interesting. Those who do well with QuiBids enjoy strategy and using their wits to get great deals on their favorite consumer products. Have you had your eye on the new iPad or a new set of headphones? Is there someone in your life who would love some power tools or a nice piece of jewelry? All these gifts are available for bidding on QuiBids.

We love seeing videos of our happy users opening up their QuiBids winnings and feature these on QuiBids Youtube channel. Are you aiming to win a QuiBids auction this holiday season and give it as a gift? Make sure to get it on tape to share it with the QuiBids family!

Prefer connecting on Twitter? Follow the QuiBids Twitter account for daily free Bids giveaways. We regularly tweet out chances for followers to win free bids. All of your bids can be used towards winning the best gifts for your friends, your family and yourself this holiday season on QuiBids.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

QuiBids Games

Here at QuiBids, we are not only a great entertainment retail auction website, but also an interactive game site that provides even more chances to win!

QuiBids features a Games section where our members can choose from a great selection of games and win tons of bids and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…
  1. Choose a Game you want to play - Members have the option of selecting from a variety of games, like searching for buried treasure or hunting groundhogs, to try and win tons of bids.
  2. Win a Game Play – Members can earn a game play by winning any auctions that includes a game play. Members can win a game play just for bidding on QuiBids.
  3. Play a Game and Win Bids – After you earn a game play, play the game of your choice and win some bids.  Use the bids in an auction to win more great items or more game play.

QuiBids strives to make our site interactive and entertaining for the user.  Although we have amazing featured auctions daily on our website we want to make the process even more fun.  Play our Ground Hog Hunting game where you can win bids by whacking groundhogs before the timer runs out or discover a hidden treasure to win bids in our Treasure Cove game.  There is no purchase necessary. 

Click on the link for complete game rules, http://www.quibids.com/help/game_rules.php.

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Welcome to QuiBids 101 Blog

Here at QuiBids we want to offer members a fun and exciting, fast-paced entertainment retail website.  Our featured auctions offer members amazing deals on a variety of great products, from electronics to Hawaiian vacations and much more.

We have implemented the "Going Once...Twice..SOLD" approach of the traditional auctions.  If no one else bids on your item of interest and the timer reaches zero, you've won a sweet deal on QuiBids.And no one leaves empty handed everyone is a winner.  With our Buy Now option you can choose to purchase the products at a value price instead of bidding, but bidding is half the fun. 

QuiBids has numerous games and promotions for all its members!

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