Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Product Spotlight: Portable iPod BoomboxRemember that time John...

Product Spotlight: Portable iPod Boombox

Remember that time John Cusack rolled up the sleeves of his trench coat, hoisted a boom box over his head and won Ione Skye’s heart with a rock song?

We realize that we lost some of you with the word “boom box,” but that’s OK. All you need to know is that it’s a terribly romantic movie from the eighties, codified in the public consciousness as the film with the above-mentioned image of heartfelt teen drama. Behold the glory of Phil Collins.

This moment would’ve been impossible without the aid of that ‘80s antique. While it’s now unfortunately passé, the boom box had its moment — once upon a time it was an indelible image of cool. Don’t believe us? Check these out:

While we’re not going to try to revive this dated but awesome machine, QuiBids does sell a smaller type of boom box updated for the modern, iPod-wielding era. The Portable iPod Boombox comes with a remote and lately, we’ve been selling them for way cheap.

How cheap? Well, of the previous 33 auctions for these things, the percentage of savings has averaged up to an astounding 93%. In fact, more than half of the auctions for the Portable iPod Boombox end at $0.03 or less. These are the items we call “slam dunks” around the office.

Of the 33 auctions, the ending price ranges from $0.10 to $1.67. The $1.67 auction however, is something of an outlier, as the most expensive auction before it only ended at $0.23.

Nine of the 14 auctions with additional prizes (either a 1X Gameplay or an additional 20 Voucher Bids) ended at less than $0.10, which isn’t enough — in our professional opinion — to dissuade customers from bidding in Hybrid Auctions. Many do avoid these auctions, fearing that the increased prize will attract more bidders. But it’s certainly not always the case. Four of the remaining five Hybrid Auctions ended between $0.10 and $0.19, and the expensive outlier auction was the fifth. Excepting for the last one, all the Hybrid Auction winners walked away with 90+% savings.

Check out the graphic below for a little more insight into what prices auctions for the iPod Boombox were ending. Happy bidding!

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