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How do you pronounce QuiBids? Earlier this week I was in lunch a...

How do you pronounce QuiBids?

Earlier this week I was in lunch a meeting with several of QuiBids’ executive staff. They’re all really nice guys, in their late twenties and early thirties, and after each person in attendance (there was one representative from each of our company’s departments) introduced themselves and explained just what they do for QuiBids, the execs opened up the floor to questions.

One employee asked where the origin of the company’s name first appeared. This dovetailed nicely with a recent realization I’ve experienced working in QuiBids’ public relations office, and that’s that people — by and large — don’t know how to pronounce the name of our company properly. These two things dovetail because the name’s origin is much simpler than you would think, and directly informs how to pronounce “QuiBids.”

“It’s just a combination of the words ‘quick’ and ‘bids,’” our CEO, Matt, told us.

I’ve broken it down diagnostically for you below:

Also, I recommend the following promotional video (which we keep posted on the educational QuiBids 101 section of our website) if you need further assistance

And yet, despite all the evidence in favor of the proper spelling, people regularly butcher “QuiBids.” Don’t believe us? All it takes to find out is a short stroll through the multitude of QuiBids strategy and tips videos on YouTube.

The most common offenders are “Cue-bids” — which makes us think we’re about to play a game of billiards — and “Kwee-bids,” which vaguely reminds us of Skee ball. “Cue-bids,” you’ll see, is slightly more common:

And Kwee-Bids:

We even stumbled across a “QuizBiz,” along the way, which confused us just as much as anything.

So there you have it. QuiBids is pronounced “KWI-BIDS,” as in “quick bids.” Thankfully these folks all got it!

Happy bidding!

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