Monday, June 4, 2012

6 HUGE QuiBids Australia wins in May

Did you know that QuiBids operates in Australia?

In the slightly modified but still immortal words of Kel Mitchell, “We do we do we do we do we do we do we do-oooooo!” Down under’s the third market where we opened shop (after the US and then Canada), and we’ve got new customers signing up there every day, which we’re super-excited about!

We think they are too, judging by the customers returning to the site because of big wins like these. Let’s see who got the best deals in Australia in the month of May.

Item: Global Master Chef 7-Piece Knife Block Set

Price: $0.04

Winner spent: One Voucher Bid

Savings: $449.95

Here’s this month’s winner for biggest savings, pictured above. This handsome knife set runs from an eight-centimeter paring knife on up to a bread knife that’s nearly three times as long. There’s nothing that battlestar007 won’t be able to chop now!

Item: iHome iD85 Clock Radio Dock

Price: $0.10

Winner spent: Three Real Bids

Savings: $148.09

Why does waking up have to be so hard? One way to make it easier is to set your alarm to play an upbeat song you love. One that’s bright in tone — maybe some Paul Simon or Cut Copy — certainly helps your case, and user TYGARPOW’s soon to learn the benefits of an easy wakeup call now that he/she’s won this iHome dock, which can play music straight from your iTunes library!

HP Photosmart All-in-One Printer

Winner spent: Three Voucher Bids
Savings: $168.84
“Where do you go for your printing?” is not a question that gary620711 will have to field anymore, as he’s won himself an in-home print kit that’s small enough to fit under a desk but powerful enough to produce lab-quality photos. It also works as an effective copier and scanner!

Item: NeoPAD Touch Screen Tablet bundle

Price: $0.30

Winner spent: Seven Voucher Bids

Savings: $139.69

Need a mobile command center but can’t fork over the money for a retail-priced iPad? Lolly79 saved almost the whole retail price of this NeoPAD Touch Screen that does almost all the same stuff, plus all the capabilities offered by an inbuilt keyboard!

Item: Apple TV

Price: $0.23

Winner spent: One Voucher Bid

Savings: $139.69

Cinephiles — also known as movie geeks — tend to be very particular about the quality of the pictures they watch, which is why they love them some Apple TV. It shows live sports, content from Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and way more, all in 1080p HD. And all that for a measly Voucher Bid? Well done, i8urbaby. And FYI, we’re going to decline your invitation to bring our kids over to watch the big game at your house.

Item: 250 Voucher Bids

Price: $0.11

Winner spent: Four Real Bids

Savings: $147.49

While we recently pointed out that bullies and “power-bidders” tend to go after Voucher Bid auctions, a few slip through the cracks, to be scooped up by savvy users like mrchevius here. With all those bids, you could’ve won every single one of these six auctions…and found yourself with 231 Voucher Bids to spare. Dang, that’s crazy!

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