Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Be the next QuiBidder of the Week!

Are you a QuiBids regular?

In the nearly three years since we opened up shop, we’ve generated a devoted following that’s spilled over into the QuiBids Facebook and Twitter profiles, as well as a handful of other great social media platforms we inhabit. Just like we’ve got returning QuiBidders, we’ve got returning QuiBids Facebook and Twitter users, in part thanks to our daily and weekly promotions where we give away free bids.

above: Lena G, a recent QuiBidder of the Week

You can sign up for our Daily Sweepstakes via Facebook, but there are other ways to score free bids and join in with our customer community online! The biggest one is signing up through Facebook to be our next QuiBidder of the Week. All it takes is a quick form, a photo of yourself, and a quick writeup explaining your QuiBids story and strategy.

We’ve had 19 winners so far and each one gets a $50 gift card of their choosing if they’re selected! Let’s have a quick look back at some of our winners’ strategies.

Lisa D.
Lisa relies on the Buy Now to turn bidding in auctions into a no-risk proposition!

Greg W.

Greg steadily worked his way up from gift cards to jewelry and then eventually some pretty high-dollar items, like a Tom Tom GPS and Oakley sunglasses. Celeste K. did the same thing!

Patricia S.

Patricia mostly sticks with gift cards, but she didn’t just work her way up. She accumulated them until she could buy an HD television with gift cards alone! Now there’s a strategy!

David Di Franco, Jr.

In addition to being one of our most outspoken fans, David’s put together a ton of different guides to success on QuiBids, including a handful of YouTube videos and his own eBook, “QuiBids Tips on the Quick.” Check them out at his website.

Bryce S.

Bryce stays away from really crowded auctions, which has served him well in winning a high volume of not-so-expensive auctions.

Those are fewer than half of our QuiBidders of the Week! Be sure to check out guidelines before you sign up and good luck in your quest to become QuiBid’s next QOTW!

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